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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Safety Tips

CAL FIRE/San Diego County Fire Authority would like to wish you and your family a very safe and fun Halloween. The most important thing to remember is safety first,not just for Halloween but holidays throughout the year. During Halloween people take to the streets to gather their treats and visit haunted houses with incredible decorations,Please read the following safety tips and remember to be careful.

Don’t Frankenstein Your Lights
Do not connect more than three miniature light strings together. Also, be sure to check the rating on your extension cords and do not plug in more than the recommended wattage. Cords should not be run under carpets or tacked-up with metal nails or staples.

Inspect Decorations with Fiendish Care
Inspect all of your electric lights and decorations for damage or wear. Cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires and loose connections may pose a fire or shock hazard. Look for a red UL mark to indicate that lights are certified for both indoor and outdoor use. A green UL mark indicates certification for indoor use only.

Beware of Candles!
Candles, especially in a Jack O’Lantern, should be off the ground and out of children’s reach. Try battery-operated LED candles for an even safer option.

Don’t Trip Up Your Goblins
Halloween costumes should allow full movement for your kids. Costumes that drag, constrict or drape pose a dangerous hazard, especially at night. Check to ensure that costumes don’t restrict your children’s vision, and instruct them to watch out for tripping hazards, such as cords.

Say Boo! to Unsafe Costumes
Be sure to purchase or make costumes out of flame-resistant materials such as nylon or polyester as these specially marked fabrics will resist burning and extinguish quickly. Make sure your child knows to stop, drop and roll in case their costume catches fire.

Be Safe and Bright
Choose costumes that are lighter in color and attach reflective materials to costumes. Make sure each child has a flashlight to help them see and be seen.

Keep Hungry Monsters from Feeding
Never let your kids eat Halloween candy before you inspect it in the light at home. Even if you know your neighbors, you should always check to be safe and throw away open candy or anything that looks at all suspicious.